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           If you are here, you are certainly familiar with some pages of Andiy Sendetskyy’s life. If this is not enough for you, you can learn more from this annotation.

           After graduating from a secondary school in 1994, during the following three years he studied at the High School of Art Modeling from which he graduated in 1997 with an excellence. In 1996-2002 studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing and obtained specialist’s degree. In 2008, having passed the academic difference perfectly, he became a third year student of the Department of Theatre Directing of Rivne State Humanitarian University. In 2011, having defended his thesis with an excellent mark, he got the qualification of drama theater director, teacher.

           Since 1996 he has been working as a fashion designer, participating in various competitions and festivals of fashion and beauty. As a designer and historian of fashion starting from 1996 up to the present he is working with model schools, theaters, show agencies, barbers and artistic institutions, organizations, centers, associations of Lviv, Odessa, Kyiv, Krakow, Warsaw, Mohyliov, Paris, Milan, Venice, Rome, Zurich, Vienna, etc.

           Since 2000 he has heen collaborating with theaters of Ukraine as costume designer, scenographer.

           In March 2003, he was invited to preside at the Lviv Regional Foundation "BAG", which in April 2003 successfully implemented the project "The high level of culture to the European city", actively involving leading specialists of culture and art, diplomats and politicians, NGOs and state institutions into the project. He also takes care of orphans and children with disabilities by involving them into cultural projects and activities.

            Since 2004 he is the head of the Culture and Arts Studio "SPIROHRAPH" where people aged four to one hundred regardless of gender, social status or origin have the opportunity study. In 2005 founded the chamber Theater "SPIROHRAPH" which has been functioning since 2010 at the Centre for Culture and Arts Initiatives in Lviv as continuing drama theater "SPIROHRAPH", which under the direction of Andriy Sendetskyy up till now successfully presents its creative achievements at the professional stages of Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Italy, etc.

            In 2006, he initiated and headed the International Charity Festival of Tales "KAZKOVYY KARNAVAL" renamed into «KAZ.KAR.» in 2014, which is held in Lviv, organizing a holiday of tale for all fans of the genre which has no age.

            Since August 2007 he is authorized diplomatic representative of IACA in Ukraine.

            In 2008, by the invitation of the Foundation for Promotion of Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw he continued researching and developing in the field of theater studies by examining contemporary theater workshop activities in Poland, including visualization of tales on the stages of Warsaw and Krakow.

            Since June, 2012 he is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

            Since September 2013 working as the artistic director of the Center for Cultural and Arts Initiatives Lviv.

            Since June 2015 he is a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

            Since December 2016 a member of the National Union of Theatre Figures of Ukraine.

            Since June 2017 he has been working as deputy head of the Lviv Interregional Department of the National Union of Theatre Workers in Ukraine.


 „Thanks to all the people who actively support and help to implement my sometimes seemingly unrealistic ideas! Owing to you, the world is getting much better but for me personally it is becoming meaningful. ”

                               With deep gratitude Andriy Sendetskyy.

® Andriy Sendetskyy